Partnering with Luceome

Luceome currently uses its patented split-protein based cell-free assay technology for kinase profiling of small molecule inhibitors. Through several peer-reviewed publications, we have demonstrated the versatility of our technology for detection of different biomolecular interactions as well as identification of agonists and antagonists against such interactions. Our goal is to build on these core strengths, while actively exploring strategic collaborations and partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

We welcome interest in opportunities related to:

  • Licensing the assay technology for cell-free assays
  • Leveraging kinase assays for drug discovery. We offer assay development collaborations through our KinaseLite™ program for in-house screening and profiling of drug candidates against kinase panels.
  • Leveraging the assay technology for the development of assays against new targets (for e.g. Protein-protein interactions, DNA damage markers, Epigenetics, Proteases and other enzymes)

For more information on business development opportunities, please contact:

Reena Zutshi, Ph.D.
President & CEO
Luceome Biotechnologies
1665 E. 18th Street, Suite 106
Tucson, AZ 85719
Phone: (520) 495-0161